How To Keep Your Eye On The BIG Picture

Some people are born to be leaders.  They naturally see the big picture and are undeterred by failure.  It’s admirable.  It’s impressive.  For me, and maybe for you too… it takes a lot of work!

If you’re naturally a big idea big picture person, filled with optimism and vision that’s AMAZING!  I love nothing more than living in that head space.  And I do… I live in that head space sometimes.  But sometimes I find the daily work of life gets me focused on what has to be done, the nitty gritty, the daily grind and I forget to look up and see where I’m headed.

For those of us who find ourselves looking at the road in front of our shoes how do we lift our sights back up, slap that energy back on and find the strength to bring our vision for the future to fruition?

Here are 5 tried and true checklist items you can implement every day to keep your eye on the prize:

  1. Be your authentic self: Some people have a tendency to downplay accomplishments, we’ve been taught not to brag or show off.  Conversely others talk themselves up unrealistically, ballooning out small victories into outsized successes.  Both are inauthentic and the listener can tell.  Share your accomplishments and strengths with grace and assurance and be confident that what you HAVE done is enough.
  2. Always be learning:  There are hundreds of books out there on success, motivation, personal growth, self awareness… the 17 habits of highly intelligent hobbits.  Look for books that challenge your assumptions and read them.  Every night, 20m.  It’s not too much to give yourself and the benefits will be real and far-reaching.  You’ll be opened up to new ideas and new ways to problem solve. Attend conferences and participate in seminars on personal development.  We learn differently in groups than just reading alone.
  3. Make a vision board (or road map): Write it down.  The mind is a trickster and will let you get away with not meeting your goals.  Write down your goals for the next 10 years, 5 years, 1 year, 6 months and this month.  Have a whiteboard or a big plate-glass window with window markers and write down what you want to accomplish today and this week. You’ll get action-oriented with your goals clearly stated and visible.
  4. Keep a gratitude list:  At the end of every day make a gratitude list.  Yes, some days you might add, I’m grateful my kids brought home their lunch boxes.  But the list will start to grow as your mind focuses on moments of grace and opportunity during the day. How about: I’m grateful for the extra 5 minutes snuggled up in bed with my partner.  I’m grateful for the un-flooded home I get to live in.
  5. Take care of yourself: Carve out time a few times a week for your favorite activity.  Watching GOT?  OK.  Going to Barre-fit?  Great.  Walking alone to the farmer’s market and picking out veggies… you decide what refills your cup and carve the time to do it.  If you’re stressed and irritable you’ll find it harder to join into important conversations with an open heart and mind.  Your cup needs to be full for this journey through life.

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