Our Mission:

To inspire, organize, and assist organizations in adopting a purpose-driven, collaborative model, that advances humanized, sustainable communities.

Our Values:

AUTHENTIC: We lead from within and inspire a shift in the mindset of others.

HOLISTIC: We operate at the intersection of passion, reason, and action.

TRUSTWORTHY: We foster a safe high trust environment.

EQUITABLE: We are open, diverse and inclusive.

CURIOUS: We are a community that embraces learning.

What We Do:

CONNECT: We provide a venue for meaningful exchange and relationship-building that fosters community for newcomers, advocates and practitioners.

COACH: We provide a selection of resources and a clear path for learning and application.

CHAMPION: We recognize and advocate the advancement and achievement of purpose-driven initiatives.

Leadership Team:

Elizabeth Drecier

Elizabeth is the Interim Executive Director of Alliance Healthcare Foundation and Board Chair on leave.
Elizabeth is a humanitarian, environmentalist, conservationist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. Her professional and personal life are devoted to seeing, sharing, and developing solutions to creating a better world, including reforming systems. She is a builder—of teams, organizations, coalitions and systems.
Elizabeth ‘s career includes founding and leading data science, machine learning, medical analytics, healthcare technology services, financial management, community health, managed healthcare, medical group purchasing, and healthcare publishing organizations. Board roles include enterprise, social enterprise, foundation, nonprofit, and public/private partnership organizations. Her experience spans product and professional services start-ups through sale.

Eric Kaufmann

Eric Kaufmann’s passion is Executive Development. His book, The Four Virtues of a Leader: Navigating the Hero’s Journey through Risk to Results, teaches the essential virtues shared by successful, passionate, and creative leaders and how they navigate through uncertainty and anxiety. As an Executive Coach, Consultant, Speaker and Author he partners with leaders to go below the surface and beyond the obvious, so they can think more clearly, make better decisions, and relate wholeheartedly. Eric is President of Sagatica, an executive leadership consultancy, where he blends strategic thinking with Zen practices to unfold a kind of thinking, deciding and relating the foster excellence along with personal or organizational evolution.

Veronica Cox

Veronica has spent many years helping to create growth strategies for brands. She works to combine passion and creativity with the sensibilities of process innovation to help businesses realize their potential. To her, success is achieved when she has helped to empower individuals and teams to discover their greatness and implement complex initiatives that bring meaning to their lives and their communities.

Julie Nielsen

Julie Nielsen is the founder and CEO of Csuite Coaching Hub. She spent the first part of her life in the corporate world and held various positions in the private and public sectors. She is extremely effective in resolving cross-functional conflicts and interfacing with people of all walks of life. She has always been an empathic listener with the know-how to get people to take a deeper look. Her 25+ years of experience has given her the insight needed to assist others and co-create with her clients, whether personally or professionally.

Larry Kesslin

Larry recently celebrated his 20th wedding anniversary to his wife Ilise. They moved to San Diego from NYC in 2010 and are raising two teenage children, their daughter Drew who is currently a freshman at Colorado State and son Noah who is a junior in high school. Larry and his family spent the first 6 months of 2015 traveling the globe while their children were homeschooled. On their global journey they visited 12 countries, 25 different Rotary Clubs, was the keynote speaker at the Rotary District Governors Conference in Istanbul and met some of the most amazing people around the globe.
Larry recently took over responsibility for managing and growing Corporate Alliance, a community of business leaders in UTC.

Neville Billamoria

Neville Billimoria is an effective communications and values leader, growing organizations through external marketing, media, and sales effectiveness, as well as internal organizational alignment, corporate communications and leadership development. He brings experience, energy and empowerment to his leadership role as SVP Membership/Marketing and Chief Advocacy Officer at Mission Federal Credit Union where he has accountability for a strategic array of crucial outward facing functions including marketing, community relations, corporate giving as well as promoting Mission Fed’s public image and brand.
He is a frequent speaker on topics including brand as culture, purpose-driven leadership, social capital optimization and civic engagement.

Steven Schindler

Steven Schindler is a cultural institution advisor who inspires leaders to create far-reaching vision and strategies that advance mission and impact. He is Founder & CEO of Connectivity LLC, an advisory that supports purposeful businesses with strategic planning, brand and marketing development, board enhancement and fundraising counsel. Steven is a poised strategic planning advisor who aligns purpose with brand and marketing with operations to help organizations build business and reputation while delivering sustainable results. He utilizes for-profit expertise and nonprofit know-how to help institutions envision the future and execute sustainable plans to make vision a reality.

David Palmer

David is an advocate of today’s conscious customer. As Chief Innovationist at Integrix, David helps purpose-driven and purpose-aspiring brands build strategies and programs that intimately engage customers of like-values to grow their business and elevate community impacts. Specialties include integrated marketing, insight development, technology solutions, and project management. At AMA San Diego, David led a team of 100+ to increase revenue, engagement, and satisfaction and received the “Chapter Excellence Award in Leadership” in 2017. David values inclusion, empathy, continuous improvement, and human relationships.


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