About Us

Chamber of Purpose

There’s a purpose movement happening, and San Diego is leading the way. Great work by people like you has made San Diego America’s Most Charitable City, and is propping up our social sector, improving educational outcomes and advancing accessibility for our entire community. But it isn’t easy making the connections and finding the resources to inspire your employees, activate your stakeholders and connect with the right partners. Chamber of Purpose aims to be the connectivity and guidance resource you need to propel your vision
to reality.

Our cultural norms, values and priorities today are much different than those of past generations. Public and individual priorities have been inexorably connected by our access to information, influencing every aspect of our lives: what to buy, where to live and what values to live by. The Fourth Sector is the place where distinctions between private, public and nonprofit sectors blur and the potential for economic, social and environmental benefits emerge. The Chamber of Purpose exists to activate the Fourth Sector in San Diego.

Our Values


We lead from within and inspire a shift in the mindset of others.


We operate at the intersection of passion, reason, and action.


We foster a safe high
trust environment.


We are open, diverse
and inclusive.


We are a community that embraces learning.

What We Do


We provide a selection of resources and a clear path for learning and application.


We provide a venue for meaningful exchange and relationship-building that fosters community for newcomers, advocates and practitioners.


We recognize and advocate the advancement and achievement of purpose-driven initiatives.

Leadership Team

Neville Billimoria
Co-Executive Director

Neville Billimoria is an effective communications and values leader, growing organizations through external marketing, media, and sales effectiveness, as well as internal organizational alignment, corporate communications and leadership development. He brings experience, energy and empowerment to his leadership role as SVP Membership/Marketing and Chief Advocacy Officer at Mission Federal Credit Union where he has accountability for a strategic array of crucial outward facing functions including marketing, community relations, corporate giving as well as promoting Mission Fed’s public image and brand. He is a frequent speaker on topics including brand as culture, purpose-driven leadership, social capital optimization and civic engagement

Steven Schindler
Co-Executive Director

Steven Schindler is a cultural institution advisor who inspires leaders to create far-reaching vision and strategies that advance mission and impact. He is Founder & CEO of Connectivity LLC, an advisory that supports purposeful businesses with strategic planning, brand and marketing development, board enhancement and fundraising counsel. Steven is a poised strategic planning advisor who aligns purpose with brand and marketing with operations to help organizations build business and reputation while delivering sustainable results. He utilizes for-profit expertise and nonprofit know-how to help institutions envision the future and execute sustainable plans to make vision a reality.

Creative Team

Elizabeth Drecier

Larry Kesslin

Eric Kaufmann

Veronica Cox

Julie Nielsen

David Palmer

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