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Leadership Matters but not all leaders are equally effective or engaging.  While effective leaders drive results more effective leaders invoke trust and commitment. The most effective leaders drive results, engage deeply and serve the community... these are Conscious Leaders. 

This program is for leaders who are ready to take a look at themselves and commit their mind and heart to making a real difference in their world.  This program is as as powerful as it is empowering and offers a practical path for leaders. 

Join us for Lunch and Eric Kaufmann's presentation March 15th from 11:30 - 1:00 at Corporate Alliance 9540 Towne Center Drive Suite 150.

Eric Kaufmann's passion is executive development.  His book, The Four Virtues of a Leader: Navigating the Hero's Journey Through Risk to Result teaches the essential virtues shared by successful, passionate and creative leaders and how they navigate through uncertainty and anxiety.  As an Executive coach, consultant, speaker and author he partners to go below the surface and beyond the obvious so they can think more clearly, make better decisions and relate wholeheartedly.