Victim Vs. Accountable (how you tell your story)

Something goes wrong at work. The order wasn’t delivered on time and the customer is irate, IRATE, I tell you!  Someone is getting yelled at on the phone and tensions are high. After minutes of office-wide tension, the issue gets resolved.  Shipments are tracked down and a new schedule has been put in place.  But […]

How To Keep Your Eye On The BIG Picture

Some people are born to be leaders.  They naturally see the big picture and are undeterred by failure.  It’s admirable.  It’s impressive.  For me, and maybe for you too… it takes a lot of work! If you’re naturally a big idea big picture person, filled with optimism and vision that’s AMAZING!  I love nothing more […]

How Can You Measure Your IMPACT

She / He lived a life that was impactful. I think most of us want those words to be spoken in our eulogies.  Actively impacting the world, the community, the people in our lives is a noble and life affirming mission.  But how can we take stock of our impact right now, while we’re in […]