Welcome to the Fourth Sector


There’s a purpose movement happening, and San Diego is leading the way. Great work by people like you has made San Diego America’s Most Charitable City, and is propping up our social sector, improving educational outcomes and advancing accessibility for our entire community. But it isn’t easy making the connections and finding the resources to inspire your employees, activate your stakeholders and connect with the right partners. Chamber of Purpose aims to be the connectivity and guidance resource you need to propel your vision to reality.  


Cause and Commerce are at a Crossroads

Our cultural norms, values and priorities today are much different than those of past generations. Public and individual priorities have been inexorably connected by our access to information, influencing every aspect of our lives: what to buy, where to live and what values to live by. The Fourth Sector is the place where distinctions between private, public and nonprofit sectors blur and the potential for economic, social and environmental benefits emerge. The Chamber of Purpose exists to activate the Fourth Sector in San Diego.